McDonald IT Consulting

About McDonald IT

Defining I.T. in an organization is a difficult task and the definition changes drastically with the industry, number of employees, locations, and technology requirements. While a shipping company may have I.T. staff that focuses on ERP software, label printers, and networking equipment, an accounting firm will require I.T staff that keeps finance and reporting software functional while maintaining security compliance to financial industry standards.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ I.T. definition, every company has different requirements and different areas that they are focusing on in order to drive their business. At McDonald IT Consulting, our goal is to make your business more efficient, by understanding and evaluating your business processes.

We are a small team of dedicated I.T. Professionals with experience in all areas of I.T. McDonald IT is available to supplement your current I.T. team, help with projects and migrations, or offer general consulting and process automation.